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The table below shows total GHG emissions in 2005 (excluding carbon sinks) compared to both 1990 and the base year under the Kyoto Protocol.

EC’s GHG Inventory Report Table
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(1) For EU-15 the base year for CO2, CH4 and N2O is 1990; for the fluorinated gases 12 Member States have selected 1995 as the base year, whereas Austria, France and Italy have chosen 1990. As the EU-15 inventory is the sum of Member States' inventories, the EU-15 base year estimates for fluorinated gas emissions are the total of 1995 emissions for 12 Member States and 1990 emissions for Austria, France and Italy. The EU-15 base year emissions also include emissions from deforestation for the Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom ('The European Community's initial report under the Kyoto Protocol' (EEA, 2006)).

(2) Malta did not provide GHG emission estimates for 2005, therefore the data provided in this table are based on gap filling (see Chapter 1.8.2).

(3) EU-27 does not have a common Kyoto Protocol target.

More data can be accessed via the EEA greenhouse gases data viewer.

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