About the Biodiversity data centre

Page Last modified 03 Jun 2016
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The Biodiversity data centre (BDC) provides access to data and information on species, habitat types and sites of interest in Europe and to related products for biodiversity indicators and assessments. Priority is given to policy-relevant data and information for European and national institutions, professionals, researchers and the public.

The BDC makes use of web-based tools to suit the information needs of different user groups. The tools currently available give access to quality-controlled spatial and tabular datasets, interactive maps, static maps and graphs, statistics and indicators. Supporting documents, code lists and standards are also available for the datasets provided.

The BDC currently contains information reported by European countries which is maintained or hosted by the European Environment Agency (EEA). The BDC will be developed further within the framework of the Biodiversity Information System for Europe (BISE) and the agreement entered into by DG Environment,  DG  Eurostat,  DG Joint Research Centre and the EEA.


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