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Material resources and waste — SOER 2010 thematic assessment

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Ratio of native to alien tree species

The map shows the share of native tree species as compared to alien species in the city of Amsterdam, based on its tree inventory, 2023. A ratio of <1 is considered poor.

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Municipal waste generation per inhabitant in the Western Balkan countries, 2015-2020

The chart shows the development in the generation of municipal waste per inhabitant for the period 2015-2020

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Average levels of carbon storage in the main types of terrestrial and marine habitats

The figure illustrate the average levels of carbon stocks in marine and terrestrial ecosystems.The “x” in the figure represents the average level whereas the green and blue boxes signify the median values and the range is characterised by the individual dots. For further explanation of uncertainties see Box 1. For more detailed information on datasets please use the linked dataset

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Waste water treatment plants equipped with disinfection, 2018

The map shows the urban waste water treatment plants treating more than 2000 population equivalent equipped with different types of disinfection in Europe. The map is based on country reporting under Urban waste water treatment directive (271/91/EEC) in 2020 (reference year 2018).

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Current municipal waste generation vs. three future scenarios

The chart compares the current residual and total municipal waste generation against 3 possible scenarios: 1) Business as usual (with a 3.7 % increase in total municipal waste) while meeting the 60 % recycling target; 2) A solution scenario, with a 3.7 % increase in total municipal waste that would be offset by 73 % recycling rate; 3) A solution scenario in which the 60 % recycling target would be met, and 34 % of total waste would be prevented

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Total municipal waste generated in the EU-27 over period 2004-2020 and projections for period 2018-2030

The chart illustrates the trends in total municipal waste for EU-27 from 2004 to 2020. Moreover, it illustrates the projections for waste generation for 2030, considering two scenarios present at a European Commission report.

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Trend in residual municipal waste for EU-27, and target for 2030

The chart illustrates the trends in residual municipal waste for EU-27 from 2004 to 2020. Moreover, it shows the non-binding target of residual waste for 2030 (and the corresponding necessary trend line to achieve such target)

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