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Material resources and waste — SOER 2010 thematic assessment

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Northern hemisphere snow-cover extent variation 1966-2005

The figure shows the snow-cover extent variation 1966 - 2005

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PCB levels found in human blood samples from Arctic people

PCB (as Arochlor 1260) concentrations in blood of mothers and women of child-bearing age.

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Continuity of supply (hours per day)

Hours per day that urban population in the EECCA countries receive piped water

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Carbon balance of the terrestrial biosphere

Notes: Atmospheric carbon (in the form of CO2) is absorbed by plants in the process of photosynthesis

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Calculated increase in effective UV (%) in Europe in 1991 relative to 1980

Note: Calculated on the basis of measured total ozone, ignoring cloud effects

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Transport tax differentiation in acceding and candidate countries

indicates that leaded petrol is no longer on the market

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Percentage of coastal surface covered by Natura 2000 designated areas

Refers to 10 km zone for terrestrial and for marine side, respectively.

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Methane and nitrous oxide emissions from agriculture 1990-2002 (EU-15 Member States) indexed relative to 1990 emission levels

Emissions from agricultural transport and energy use are excluded, as these sectors are not defined as part of the agriculture sector by the current IPCC guidance.

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Perceived and reported air pollution

Percieved and reported air pollution

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