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Material resources and waste — SOER 2010 thematic assessment

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Ozone AOT40 for crops, 2004

Rural concentration map of ozone indicator AOT40 for crops, 2004.

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Average specific CO2 emissions of new passenger cars per fuel type, with targets (1995-2005)

The consistency of the time series 19952004 is not guaranteed

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Decomposition analysis of the main factors influencing the CO2 emissions from public electricity and heat production (1990-2005)

The orange bars show the factors that have an increasing effect on emissions and the green bars show the factors that have a reducing effect

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Intensity of the damage caused by wind storms (Tatras region, Slovak Republic)

The map shows the intensity of the damage caused by wind storms (Tatras region, Slovak Republic)

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Estimated savings for top eight CCPMs split by status (implemented/ adopted or planned) in the EU-15

The quantification of the effect of planned policies and measures refers to a hypothetical ´without measures´scenario.

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Urban morphological zones 1990 (UMZ90)

"A set of urban areas laying less than 200 m apart" Those urban areas are defined by the land cover classes considered to contribute to the urban tissue and function.

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Energy consumption by end use per dwelling, 2005

A full breakdown of energy consumption by enduse is not available for the countries listed to the right of the EU15 graph and hence only the total and available enduses are shown.

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Urban sprawl, 1975-1990-2000

Urban sprawl is shown as a % change based on the initial urban area for each coastal sector.

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Northern hemisphere snow-cover extent variation 1966-2005

The figure shows the snow-cover extent variation 1966 - 2005

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