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The EEA report Urban adaptation to climate change in Europe 2016(12/2016), is comprehensive but it is not designed to be read cover-to-cover. As such, different stakeholders might want to focus on different aspects of it. This reading guide, which includes additional information sources, recommends two ways to approach the report:

1. The contents overview and Chapter 1 of the report provide an idea of what information different stakeholder groups can expect to find and where to find it. The executive summary and the conclusions provide a short cut to the main findings.

2. The most common questions that stakeholder groups might have are included in a list in this reading guide. Links to the relevant parts of the report are included for each question, as are links to other pertinent sources containing information connected with the report.

 Reading guide for local governments

Reading guide for the EU, international, national and regional level

Reading guide for research and knowledge providers


Geographic coverage



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