Content list Group 9 Waste treatment and disposal
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  090200 Waste incineration  
  090201 Incineration of domestic or municipal wastes B921
  090202 Incineration of industrial wastes (except flaring) B922
  090203 Flaring in oil refinery B923
  090204 Flaring in chemical industries B924
  090205 Incineration of sludges from waste water treatment B925
  090206 Flaring in gas and oil extraction B926
  090207 Incineration of hospital wastes B927
  090208 Incineration of waste oil B924
  090400 Solid waste disposal on land (SNAP94 code 091004) B940
  090400 Solid waste disposal on land  
  090401 Managed waste disposal on land B940
  090402 Unmanaged waste disposal on land B940
  090403 Other B940
  090700 Open burning of agricultural wastes (except 100300) B970
  090900 Cremation  
  090901 Incineration of corpses B991
  090902 Incineration of carcasses B992
  091000 Other waste treatment  
  091001 Waste water treatment in industry B9101
  091002 Waste water treatment in residential/commercial sect. B9101
  091003 Sludge spreading B9103
  [ 091004 Land filling (moved to SNAP97 code 090400) ]  
  091005 Compost production B9105
  091006 Biogas production B9106
  091007 Latrines B9107
  091008 Other production of fuel (refuse derived fuel) B9106


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