Dear Colleague

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the second edition of the joint EMEP/CORINAIR Atmospheric Emission Inventory Guidebook.

This Guidebook has been prepared by the expert panels of the UNECE/EMEP Task Force on Emission Inventories and is published by the European Environment Agency.

The Guidebook is intended for general reference and for use by parties to the Convention on Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution for reporting to the UNECE Secretariat in Geneva.

This edition has been edited in line with the revised source nomenclature – SNAP97 – developed by EEA’s European Topic Centre on Air Emissions (ETC/AE) which is consistent with the IPCC source nomenclature developed for reporting under the UN Framework Climate Change Convention.

In order to better maintain and update the Guidebook it is anticipated that the principle means of publication will be electronic via the European Environment Agency Internet web site ( Further development and maintenance can then be more cost effective and frequent.

I hope that you will continue to find the Guidebook a valuable reference document and will make use of it. As pointed out by my predecessor, Gordon McInnes, it is a living document and not a fixed rule book. It provides a distillation of the best currently available information.

If you find anything that you consider incorrect, out-of-date or inappropriate, if you have access to anything better, or you have data or information on activities not included in this edition, I would be grateful if you could let me know so that the Guidebook can be further updated.

Finally I would like to thank the expert panel members for their work in preparing, using and reviewing the material and the EEA for publishing the material.

Mike Woodfield
Task Force Chairman


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