Content list Group 6 Solvent and other product use
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  060000 Solvent and other product use (introduction) B600
  06000a Solvent and other product use (note) B600a
  060100 Paint application  
  060101 Manufacture of automobiles B610
  060102 Car repairing B610
  060103 Construction and buildings (except 060107) B610
  060104 Domestic use (except 060107) B610
  060105 Coil coating B610
  060106 Boat building B610
  060107 Wood B610
  060108 Other industrial paint application B610
  060109 Other non industrial paint application B610
  060200 Degreasing, dry cleaning and electronics  
  060201 Metal degreasing B621
  060202 Dry cleaning B622
  060203 Electronic components manufacturing B623
  060204 Other industrial cleaning B623
  060300 Chemicals products manufacturing or processing  
  060301 Polyester processing B631
  060302 Polyvinylchloride processing B631
  060303 Polyurethane foam processing B633
  060304 Polystyrene foam processing B633
  060305 Rubber processing B631
  060306 Pharmaceutical products manufacturing B631
  060307 Paints manufacturing B631
  060308 Inks manufacturing B631
  060309 Glues manufacturing B631
  060310 Asphalt blowing B6310
  060311 Adhesive, magnetic tapes, films & photographs manufacturing B631
  060312 Textile finishing B631
  060313 Leather tanning B631
  060314 Other B631
  060400 Other use of solvents and related activities  
  060401 Glass wool enduction B641
  060402 Mineral wool enduction B641
  060403 Printing industry B643
  060404 Fat, edible and not edible oil extraction B644
  060405 Application of glues and adhesives B641
  060406 Preservation of wood B646
  060407 Underseal treatment and conservation of vehicles B647
  060408 Domestic solvent use (other than paint application) B648
  060409 Vehicles dewaxing B647
  060411 Domestic use of pharmaceutical products B641
  060412 Other (preservation of seeds,....) B641
  060500 Use of HFC, N20, NH3, PFC and SF6  
  060501 Anaesthesia B651
  060502 Refrigeration and air condition quipments using halocarbons B651
  060503 Refrigeration and air condition quipments using other products than halocarbons B651
  060504 Foam blowing (except 060304) B651
  060505 Fire extinguishers B651
  060506 Aerosol cans B651
  060507 Electrical equipments (except 060203) B651
  050508 Other B651


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