Content list Group 5 Extraction & distribution of fossil fuels and geothermal energy
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  050100 Extraction and 1st treatment of solid fossil fuels  
  050101 Open cast mining B511
  050102 Underground mining B511
  050103 Storage of solid fuel B511
  050200 Extraction, 1st treatment and loading of liquid fossil fuels  
  050201 Land-based activities B521
  050202 Off-shore activities B521
  050300 Extraction, 1st treatment and loading of gaseous fossil fuels  
  050301 Land-based desulfuration B521
  050302 Land-based activities (other than desulfuration) B521
  050303 Off-shore activities B521
  050400 Liquid fuel distribution (except gasoline distribution)  
  050401 Marine terminals (tankers, handling and storage) B541
  050402 Other handling and storage (including pipeline) B541
  050500 Gasoline distribution  
  050501 Refinery dispatch station B551
  050502 Transport and depots (except 050503) B551
  050503 Service stations (including refuelling of cars) B551
  050600 Gas distribution networks  
  050601 Pipelines B561
  050603 Distribution networks B561
  050700 Geothermal energy extraction B570


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