Annex II Websites used from the Internet in 1996 and early 1997

A List of Sites on the World Wide Web which have proved useful Sources of Information

Address Source Type of information Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network, USA Information about international environmental treaties: parties to the treaties as above Information about international environmental treaties: treaty texts International Institute for Sustainable Development, Canada An unofficial clearing house of information on the CBD including "Earth Negotiations Bulletins" on COPs, SBSTTA, etc.(1) United Nations Environment Programme, Geneva Full CBD text, and accompanying preface and explanatory leaflet as above Press releases from the UN relevant to the biodiversity convention Center for Scientific Computing, Finland Another source of the full CBD text, in which each Article can be retrieved separately CBD Secretariat Clearing House Mechanism under the CBD: entry point to many data sources German Clearing House for CBD Catalogue on URL Internet Addresses - German Clearing House Mechanism under the Convention on Biological Diversity Species 2000 Secretariat A collection of uniform and validated indexes of species names Biosis UK Ltd. Entry point to taxonomic databases and search tools European Topic Centre on Nature Conservation Information on ETC/NC projects and organisation European Environment Agency Information on EEA activities and programmes Dutch Clearing House Information on Dutch activities Belgian Information on Convention on Biodiversity Information on Belgian Activities

1: This source was used as the basis for the section on the 3rd COP, above.


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