The ETC consortium has aimed at providing efficient and effective work and deliverables in time and quality as expected by the Agency and its clients. Main tasks required within Project SA2 under the 1996 Subvention are progressing well. The ETC is managed by the project leader who is supported by an Management Committee (MC) which was established in October 1996. Depending on the priorities of the workplan, some small changes in involvement of ETC members have occurred in 1996, which were approved by the EEA via change requests from the ETC/AE (Project Leader). Current members of the MC are:

  • Dietmar Koch (chairman), UBA, Germany
  • Simon Eggleston, AEA Technology, UK
  • Tinus Pulles, TNO Institute, The Netherlands

The MC meets regularly to :

  • review the progress of work
  • keep track on all activities associated with the workplan such as requests, meeting announcements, documents which the ETC has received
  • decide who should respond or attend
  • assess progress in all activities
  • elaborate and adjust the work plan regularly.

The MC has reviewed the work plan and all activities associated with it, identified possible problems and reported on progress to all ETC members and the EEA project manager by email and/or paper monthly and via the quarterly progress reports. Rather than just reacting to problems as they arise, more strategic, pro-active approaches are being developed with the aim of controlling the project as a whole. The activities of the Topic Centre are managed by the EEA project manager (Mr André Jol) who for example has the responsibility to ensure that the work undertaken by the ETC follows the specification laid down in the technical annex of each of the subventions (1995/1996). Frequently the EEA project manager participates in meetings of the ETC and its MC to observe the performance and help to adjust priorities and identify common areas of joint activities between the parties involved. He also fosters the relationship to and the collaboration of the ETC with other European bodies and international organisations.

The Management Committee has met during 1996 at the following locations:

  • MC 00 - 16 October 1996, Copenhagen (EEA)
  • MC 01 - 18/19November 1996, Paris (CITEPA)
  • MC 02 - 18 December, Berlin (UBA)
  • MC 03-  22 January 1997, Paris (CITEPA)

The MC has elaborated reports and recorded meetings. Full minutes have been sent to all ETC partners and the EEA for review and comment. Updated work plans have been copied to the Agency regularly. The MC has also provided the basis for the scheduled Quarterly Progress Reports and the Annual Report to the Agency.



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