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Environmental Agreements — Environmental Effectiveness. Environmental Issues Series No. 3 - Vol. 2


This Volume II consists of a detailed analysis of the six case studies presented in the table below which was summarised in the main report (Volume I). Analysis of the case studies is based on information provided from interviews and questionnaires. For each, a list of persons contacted as well as a list of specific references is included at the end; additional references can be found in the main report. Acronyms and abbreviations used in the case studies are listed at the end of this volume.


At the EEA's request, the information on the case studies was revised through the respective National Focal Point. Some of revisions ensued from constructive comments by independent experts, whose name is mentioned at the beginning of the relevant section. We are grateful to all those who assisted in this work.

Teresa Ribeiro
Project Manager

Country Type of EA Environmental Agreement
France EA Framework Agreement on the reprocessing of end-of-life-vehicles.
Sweden Implementation EA Producers responsibility for packaging.
Germany EA (partly also Implementation EA) Updated declaration of German Industry on precautionary measures for climate protection.
The Netherlands Implementation EA Declaration of intent on implementation of environmental policy in the chemical industry.
Portugal Implementation EA Environment protocol between the Ministries of Industry and Environment and the pulp industry.
Denmark Implementation EA Agreement on the recovery of transport packaging.
Acronyms and Abbreviations

Press Release issued by the EEA 10 July 1997

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