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PRospective Environmental analysis of Land Use Development in Europe
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Will our traditional rural landscapes still exist in 30 years time? Will the countryside be a lively place, or a desert? Will agriculture have a future? This interactive tool presents a set of five different land use scenarios for Europe. They have been developed using an innovative approach that triggers the imagination of stakeholders and underpins their ideas with state-of-the-art land use models.

You can explore the PRELUDE scenarios from different angles:

  • Scenario 1: Great Escape - Europe of Contrast
  • Scenario 2: Evolved Society - Europe of Harmony
  • Scenario 3: Clustered Networks - Europe of Structure
  • Scenario 4: Lettuce Surprise U - Europe of Innovation
  • Scenario 5: Big Crisis - Europe of Cohesion
  • The last section is the LIBRARY. It allows you to explore and compare the scenario data and land use / landscape maps.

These scenarios represent only five of many possible perspectives, and should not be taken as predictions. The purpose of PRELUDE is not to forecast what might happen, but to inspire and inform a discussion about the potential impacts of changes currently taking place in society on Europe‘s future land use and landscapes.


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