A summary of the Year of Air – what we know about air pollution in 2013

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News Published 20 Dec 2013 Last modified 21 Jun 2016
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Photo: © Stephen Connell
In 2013 Europe’s air was a central theme of work at the European Environment Agency (EEA), with several assessments looking at issues related to the gases, liquid droplets and solid particles polluting the atmosphere in many parts of Europe.

The European Commission also focused much of its work on air this year. Assessments from the EEA fed into a review of European Union air policy, which resulted in a ‘Clean air policy package’ introducing several new legislative proposals.

Scientific understanding of air pollution is improving. More sensitive measurements are demonstrating that air pollution is more serious than previously thought, while at the same time, medical science is showing the extent of air pollution’s effects on people.

Assessments during the Year of Air showed:


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