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Continuity of supply (hours per day)

Hours per day that urban population in the EECCA countries receive piped water

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Corine land cover 1990 (CLC1990) and Corine land cover changes 1975-1990 in a 10 km zone around the coast of Europe

Data contained in this layer are twofold: - Corine land cover data 1990 provided in vector format (polygons) and at scale 1:100,000

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Estimated potential loss of water-holding capacity in FUAs caused by sealing in the EU-27 and the UK region during 2012-2018

The map visualizes water holding capacity loss due to the estimated soil sealing increase during 2012 and 2018 in FUAs. Although the figure presents EU27+UK values only, data is available for the EEA-38 region and the UK.

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Diffuse pollution from agriculture causing poor chemical status in groundwater bodies in the EU-27

The map illustrates groundwater bodies of poor chemical status, affected significantly by diffuse source pollution from agriculture in the EU-27, as reported in national 2016 RBMPs.

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Waste water treatment plants equipped with disinfection, 2018

The map shows the urban waste water treatment plants treating more than 2000 population equivalent equipped with different types of disinfection in Europe. The map is based on country reporting under Urban waste water treatment directive (271/91/EEC) in 2020 (reference year 2018).

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