Variations (1990-2020, 2000-2020 for PM₁₀/PM₂.₅) in the emissions of pollutants from transport by mode in EU-27

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European data


Additional information

  • PM2.5/ PM10: particulate matter with aerodynamic diameter of 2.5 μm/10 μm or less respectively, according to reporting obligations data have been reported from year 2000.
  • NMVOCs: non-methane volatile organic compounds
  • SOX: sulphur oxides
  • NOX: nitrogen oxides
  • CO: carbon monoxide
  • NH3: ammonia
  • CH4: methane
  • N2O: nitrous oxide

Light duty vehicles includes passenger cars and light commercial vehicles; heavy duty vehicles includes trucks and busses. See more details in the supporting information. Road transport PM emissions includes non-exhaust emissions from brakes and tyres, in all other case PM indicates exhaust emissions. Shipping international includes both maritime and inland waterways shipping. Aviation includes both cruise and landing/take-off.


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