Total ammonium concentrations in rivers between 1992 and 2008 in different geographic regions of Europe

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Concentrations are expressed as the average of annual mean concentrations. Up to 3-year gaps of missing values have been interpolated or extrapolated. Only complete series with no missing values after this interpolation/extrapolation are included. Number of river monitoring stations included in analysis per country and region is noted in brackets.


European data


Additional information

Eastern Europe (347): Estonia (53), Hungary (98), Lithuania (28), Latvia (39), Poland (105), Slovenia (24);

Northern Europe (275): Finland (152), Norway (10), Sweden (113);

Southern Europe (356): Spain (356);

Southeastern Europe (98): Albania (9), Bulgaria (80), FYR of Macedonia (9);

Western Europe (631): Austria (145), Belgium (32), Germany (147), France (285), United Kingdom (14), Ireland (5), Luxembourg (3).


Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage


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