Summary of trends in winter nitrate and phosphate concentration, and N/P ratio in the coastal waters of the North Atlantic (mostly Celtic Seas), the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean and the North Sea, 1985-2003

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Trend analyses are based on time series 1985-2003 from each monitoring station having at least 3 years data in the period 1995-2003 and at least 5 years data in all

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Number of stations in brackets. Atlantic (incl. the Celtic Seas) data from: UK, Ireland and ICES. Baltic Sea (incl. the Belt Sea and the Kattegat) data from: Denmark, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and ICES. Mediterranean data from: Italy. North Sea (incl. the Channel and the Skagerrak) data from: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway Sweden, UK and ICES.


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