Status of the assessed European fish stocks in relation to Good Environmental Status per regional sea

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This figure shows the status of the assessed European fish stocks in relation to ‘Good Environmental Status’ (GES) per regional sea in 2015. Stocks for which adequate information is available to determine GES for fishing mortality (F) and/or reproductive capacity (spawning stock biomass (SSB)) are included in this figure (i.e. total number of assessed stocks). A distinction is made between stocks (1) in GES, based on both fishing mortality and reproductive capacity; (2) in GES, based on either fishing mortality or reproductive capacity; and (3) not in GES, based on fishing mortality and/or reproductive capacity (see the Methodology section for further information on how GES is determined). As assessments are carried out in a multiannual cycle within the Mediterranean, the number of stocks included for the Mediterranean depends on the period covered.

European data


Additional information

Stocks in the North East Atlantic and the Baltic Sea were assessed based on the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) database, published in 2017. Stocks in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, and other widely distributed stocks were assessed based on assessments available through the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for fisheries (STECF), published in 2015-2017. The Figure is based on 2015 data. Note that as there was no information for 2015 for the stocks in the Black Sea, an interpretation was made from the 2014 and 2016 data for the Black Sea (see methodology for further information).