Phosphorus concentrations in lakes (total phosphorus) between 1992 and 2008 in different geographical regions of Europe.

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The data series per region are calculated as the average of the annual mean for lake monitoring stations in the region. Only complete series after inter/extrapolation are included (see indicator specification). There were no stations with complete series after inter/extrapolation in the South and Southeast regions. The number of lake monitoring stations included per geographical region is given in parentheses

European data


Additional information

Regions with the number of lake monitoring stations included per country is given in parentheses.

East: Estonia (8), Hungary (11), Lithuania (4), Latvia (8), Poland (1), Slovenia (4).

North: Finland (183), Sweden (165).

West: Austria (5), Switzerland (15), Germany (7), Denmark (20), Ireland (8), Netherlands (7), United Kingdom (18).

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