Municipal waste landfill rates in Europe by country

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Cluster columns chart shows development in landfill rate of municipal waste in European countries in 2010 and 2019. Data is presented in descending order according to 2019 data values. The 10% line represents EU landfill target for 2035. Data extracted from Eurostat’s [env_wasmun]: Municipal waste by waste management operations. The data cover the 32 EEA member countries and Western Balkan cooperating countries. Data for 2018 rather than 2019 are shown for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Ireland, Kosovo (under UN Security Council Resolution 1244/99), Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia; data for 2011 rather than 2010 are shown for Denmark and North Macedonia. No 2010 data are available for Kosovo or Albania and no 2019 data are available for Iceland. Landfill rates are calculated by dividing the amount of waste sent to landfill by the amount of waste generated. The 2035 landfill target, as set in the EU Landfill Directive (EU, 1999, 2018a), is legally binding for EU Member States only.



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