Localisation of the 107 facilities accounting for 50% of the aggregate damage costs from main air pollutants (2021)

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The figure presents the location of the E-PRTR facilities representing 50% of the external costs by the main air pollutants (NOₓ, SO₂, PM₁₀, NH₃, NMVOC) in 2021. The colour and size of the circles indicates the range of estimated externalities in million EUR. See additional information below.

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VOLY refers to the fact that in this estimate mortality due to exposure to the main air pollutants is estimated in terms of life years lost and valued by the value of a life year (VOLY). In an alternative higher estimate mortality is estimated in terms of premature deaths and monetised with the value of statistical life (VSL). Euro price base: 2021. Data gaps: Czechia, Malta, Lithuania, and Slovakia (No data reported for 2021).


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