Changes in European fishing fleet capacity.

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Countries have been grouped into the following categories: EU-15: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom


European data


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EFTA: Iceland and Norway. EU-7: Estonia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, and Slovenia. Bulgaria and Romania. Power, tonnage, number of vessels, and average size of vessel changes refer to 1998-2006 for EU-15 and EFTA. Tonnage and number changes for EU-7 refers to the period 1995-2006, but no data available from the years 1996-2003. Tonnage and number of vessels changes for Romania and Bulgaria refers to the period 1989-1995 (no recent data available). The period 1998-2006 for EU-15 and EFTA has been chosen in order to make comparisons between these countries groups. Older data are available for e.g. EU-15 and these data are reflected in Figure 2.

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