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The use of primary raw materials in the upstream supply chain of EU-28 household consumption domains, 2017 indexed values with textile consumption = 100

Data Visualization Created 19 Sep 2019 Published 19 Nov 2019 Last modified 19 Nov 2019
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Own calculation using MatLab-software and EXIOBASE 3.4 database.
Coefficient data based on Exiobase v.3.4 data 2010 combined with Eurostat consumption statistics 2017 data
This includes all activities in industry and service sectors in the production and supply chain of the textile products until the purchase by households. It excludes the use of the textile products and the treatment at end of life.

Values indexed using the ‘clothing, footwear and household textiles’ data. The percentage shows the share of material use/ghg-emissions originating from inside the EU-28.

Data sources

ETC/WMGE calculation based on EXIOBASE version 3.4 provided by Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research

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