Fragmentation pressure within and outside Natura 2000 sites per biogeographical region

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Graph: In "percentage of the regions".

Table: In "km2 of the regions " and in "percentage of the regions".

Geographical coverage:

Natura 2000 sites and buffering area by Biogeographical regions.

Copernicus dataset details: 

Raster data (GeoTIFF 100m) version 18.5.1

Data sources

Indicator for fragmentation of ecosystems and habitats (Effective mesh density FGA2 2016) provided by European Environment Agency (EEA)
Natura 2000 data - the European network of protected sites provided by European Environment Agency (EEA)
Corine Land Cover 2012 provided by European Environment Agency (EEA)
NUTS 2013 (EUROSTAT) plus Balkan countries provided by Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat)
Biogeographical regions provided by European Environment Agency (EEA)

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