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Decline in ocean pH, as shown by measured pH and pH calculated from dissolved inorganic carbon concentrations and total alkalinity, at in situ temperature at the Aloha station (Hawaii), and global annual average pH

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The HOT project is committed to providing free and open access to its data set in a timely manner, and the use of these data is encouraged. We are now posting our calibrated CTD temperatures and salinities, bottle salinities and nominally calibrated CTD dissolved oxygens within approximately one month of each cruise; and calibrated CTD dissolved oxygens and bottle oxygen data within approximately two months of each cruise.

Although not required, we reqest users fill out a brief one-time registration form, before acquiring these preliminary datasets, so that we may contact you when the Data has been finalized.

If you use our data in your project, please contact us to avoid possible duplication of efforts. And please consider the benefits of possible scientific collaborations in the analysis of these data. We would also appreciate your acknowledgement of the HOT project. The following should be cited in publications: "This publication is based upon Hawaii Ocean Time-series observations supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation under Grant OCE-12-60164". A preprint and reprint of the publication utilizing the HOT data would also be appreciated.

Data sources

Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT) provided by The Laboratory for Microbial Oceanography (Hawaii)

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