External Data Spec

National Soils Inventory (NSI)

External Data Spec Published 03 Nov 2011
National Soil Inventory (NSI) data is a set of point data. NSI data covers England and Wales on a 5 km grid and provides detailed information for each intersect of the grid. Collectively NSI data are statistically representative of England and Wales soils and they offer a valuable foundation for future monitoring of soil quality. The original sampling was from around 1980 and there have been partial resamplings in the mid-1990s. NSI site includes erosion, landuse and lithological information. NSI profile gives a very detailed soil description including stone abundance, root descriptions and boundary information. NSI topsoil gives detailed measurements of over 20 elements from the soils, in addition to pH. NSI textures describes the soil texture. NSI features provides depth data to various layers and includes a flood risk indicator.


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