EUNIS terrestrial habitat classification review 2021_1

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The review of the terrestrial component of the EUNIS habitat classification was initiated in 2015. The review concerns the groups of coastal habitats, grasslands, heathland, forest, sparsely vegetated and vegetated man-made habitats. The review was updated in January 2023 with some corrections to the existing groups and with the inclusion of wetlands and additional crosslinks. The remaining groups will be revised and published at a later stage. The classification includes cross-walks at level 3 to Habitats Directive Annex I, to European Red List of Habitats, to Bern Convention Resolution 4 habitats, to MAES and IUCN ecosystems, to Corine Land Cover classes and to the Euroveg Checklist 2016 Syntaxa. The groups of forest and heathland include also crosswalks to an earlier revision of these groups published in 2017. Habitats at level 3 are complemented with lists of characteristic species identified from the EVA database.
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