EUNIS marine habitat classification review 2022

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The review of the marine component of the EUNIS habitat classification was initiated in 2014. Marine benthic habitats, marine pelagic and marine ice associated habitats are separated into three distinct groups, each with a separate classification structure. The first major division in the benthic marine part of the EUNIS classification is based on major biological zones (related to depth) and substrate type. Level 3 of the classification reflects the main biogeographical regions of Europe’s seas based on their distinct combinations of salinity and temperature regimes (Arctic, Baltic, Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea). A first review was published in 2019 and an update to this version concerning mostly the Atlantic regional sea is available since March 2022. Crosswalks to Habitats Directive Annex I and to European Red List of Habitats are available while crosswalks to EUNIS marine habitats of version 2012 for the regional seas apart from the Atlantic need to be revisited.
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