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Public participation is a key principle of the Water Framework Directive.

All stakeholders, for example non-governmental organisations (NGO’s), local communities and water supply enterprises, should be involved in discussions leading to the formulation of the River Basin Management Plan. There are three reasons for this:

  • To inform all interested parties about possible issues related to the river basin.
  • To collect information about demands and issues at local level, e.g. from local or regional stakeholders.
  • To explain the various alternatives to developing the environmental status of the neighbourhood, and reach a consensus between the authorities and stakeholders.


The discussion with local and regional authorities and other stakeholders involved in water management should lead to a clear view on the cost-benefit relationship, and prepare the way for the planning of possible measures or the setting of priorities between alternative measures. This should either reconfirm the objectives or lead to a possible consideration of exemptions. Too often in the past implementation was left unexamined until too late, i.e. until Member States were well behind schedule and not in compliance. By establishing a network for the exchange of information and experience between water professionals throughout the Community very early on, these issues may be avoided.

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