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The EEAcademy envisions to develop a series of lectures and seminars primarily aimed at sharing knowledge within EEA/Eionet. The content of past and future lectures, debates and seminars is selected strategically to reflect cutting-edge, systematic innovation and change with an overarching focus on supporting long-term transitions to sustainability. Attention is put on improving the leverage of existing knowledge and know-how in policy and decision making alongside the Scientific Committee.


Past lectures with available video recordings

Sustainability Transitions and the Precautionary Principle: Setting the Scene


David Stanners
27 June 2019

Precaution: A Big-Picture Large-Systems View

Sarah Cornell
28 June 2019

Integrated Environmental Assesment: Role, Challenges and Methodological Advancements


David Stanners 
28 Aug 2018

Science and Precaution 

Philippe Grandjean 
31 May 2017

Transitions, Precaution, Business and Knowledge 

Sybille van den Hove 
09 Feb 2017

Chemicals and Human Health

Philippe Grandjean 
17 May 2017


 Full list of past lectures



David Stanners Sarah Cornell Philippe Grandjean Sybille van den Hove Xenia Trier


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