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Global change and the stability of ecosystems Ian Donohue 09/01/2018


Listening to many voices: some thoughts on adaptation of agriculture to climate change Anna Iglesias 27/11/2017
Evaluating the SDG’s – challenges, approaches and communities Andrés Martinuzzi 10/11/2017
Urban Sustainability Challenges in the 21st century Maarten Hajer 11/10/2017
Nanotechnologies and the Precautionary Principle Steffen Foss Hansen 15/09/2017
Transitions, Precaution, Business, and Knowledge Sybille van den Hove 09/02/2017
Scientific Committee Seminar - Chemicals for a sustainable future 17/05/2017
Chemicals in a circular economy Alice Bernard
Policy sinergies and opportunities Bjorn Hansen
Chemicals and ecosystems Dorte Herzke
Impacts and costs of chemicals on people's wellbeing Michael Depledge
Chemicals and human health Philippe Grandjean
Chemicals for a non-toxic environment Walter Leitner
Chemicals and the environment in Europe Xenia Trier


EU Environmental Policy: Its journey to centre stage Nigel Haigh 22/11/2016
Looking beyond surviving to thriving: a new economy for a new century and its challenges Katherine Trebeck (OXFAM) 15/11/2016
ARTS Accelerating and Rescaling Transition to Sustainability Leen Gorissen 02/03/2016
Policy Evaluation and Systemic Reviews Paul McAleavy, Sif Johansson, Claes Bernes and Neal Haddaway 02/02/2016
Scientific Committee Seminar - Land as a resource 05/10/2016
Land as a resource Echart Lange
Towards Land Degradation Neutrality: Link with natural capital and Resource Efficiency agendas Jacques Delsalle
Findings form the State of European Cities Report 2016 Lewis Dijkstra
Country perspective – implementation/ responses, national approaches Detlef Grimski
Land use change in the globalisation era: Europe's long land footprint Eric Lambin
Science Policy Interfacing: Land as resource Horizon 2020: nature based solutions Marco Fritz
Visions of land use transitions in Europe Bas Pedroli
Integrated spatial planning, land use and soil – Management Research Action Stephan Bartke
Scientific Committee Seminar - Knowledge for Transitions 18/05/2016
Sustainability transitions: the role of integrated assessment modelling Andries Hof
The Norwegian EV Policy and Market Petter Haugneland
Transitions in socio-technical systems: sociology of innovation Frank Geels
The EEA, the EU and knowledge for transitions Hans Bruyninckx
A Systems Perspective: The German Energy Transformation Harry Lehmann
Accelerating Sustainability Transitions Niki Frantzeskaki
Scientific Committee Seminar - Emerging Systemic Risk 24/02/2016
Towards a new Matrix of Risks: Learning from  multi-scale controversies Francis Chateauraynaud
2016 Global Risk Report – World Economic Forum Margareta Dryeniek Hanouz
The EEA, Systems Transitions And Systemic Risks Hans Bruyninckx
Public Governance of Emerging Systemic Risks Piet Sellke
Systems Resilience Risks Accounting Walter J. Radermacher


A Transitions Perspective from the EEA Scientific Committee Per Mickwitz 21/10/2015
Scientific Committee Seminar - Use of the underground 02/06/2015
Use of the underground Ulrike Kastrup
Meeting the electricity supply needs for the future: challenges and prospects for geo-resources Domenica Giardini
Into a deep, deep hole? EU law and the use of the underground Geert van Calster, Leonie Reins
When is a rock a natural resource? Economics of the mining industry Johannes Drielsma
The Underground is our environment Susan Waldron
Framework to estimate the health effects from both environmental and occupational exposures Francesco Forastiere
Conflict in the Use of the Underground Markus Hänchen
Sustainable management of the Dutch subsurface: Policy framework and TNO-GSN developments in data-management and subsurface modelling Paul Bogaard
Use of the underground as important future georesource: the German perspective Axel Liebscher
Country example: Poland Rafael Miland
Exploration and Visualization of the Swiss Underground Olivier Lateltin
Underground Space Planning: an Innovative Component of Land Use Planning Antonia Cornaro


Implementing Degrees of Risk: delivering the transition to effective climate change risk management Nick Mabey June 2014
Green Growth Vision and Strategy in Korea Byung-Wook Lee May 2014
Evaluating policies when transformation change is required Per Mickwitz March 2014


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