EEA-Eionet Strategy 2021-2030

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Delivering data and knowledge to achieve Europe’s environment and climate ambitions

The European Environment Agency and its European Information and Observation Network are currently developing their joint strategy for 2021-2030. This decade will play a crucial role in defining and steering Europe’s path towards sustainability. Recent developments in public awareness and technology offer remarkable opportunities for knowledge creation, policy making and networking.

The EEA-Eionet Strategy aims to seize these opportunities and ensure that Europe’s policy makers and public have the best available knowledge on Europe’s environment to be able to make informed decisions.


In developing the Strategy, a number of activities where we plan to make an additional effort were identified. To bring the latest science-based knowledge to policy makers and the public, we also plan to enhance our collaboration with a large number of partner institutions. In addition to institutional partners and networks, members of the public were asked for feedback to help identify activity areas important to them. These suggestions will help improve our work — how we create and share knowledge — in the decade to come.


The EEA-Eionet Strategy was adopted by the EEA Management Board in December 2020. Please note that the Strategy will not replace the EEA’s Single Programming Documents, which provide detailed information including annual work programmes.




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