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Why does Europe need to limit climate change and adapt to its impacts?

Europe’s many regions are expected to face worsening impacts of climate change over the next decades. A compilation of several existing maps published by the European Environment Agency (EEA) today illustrates how drought, heavy rain and flooding, forest fires and sea-level rise could affect some selected regions in Europe, including Central Europe, the Iberian peninsula, Scandinavia, Brittany and Venice.

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EU launches new Forest Information System to improve knowledge on forests and woodlands

Amid a need for more accurate, up-to-date and harmonised data and monitoring on Europe’s valuable woodlands, the European Environment Agency and the European Commission today launched a new Forest Information System for Europe (FISE) which aims to become Europe’s knowledge hub to monitor the state, health and sustainability of Europe’s many forests.

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Improving circular economy practices in the construction sector key to increasing material reuse, high quality recycling

Construction and demolition waste makes up just over one third of total waste generation in the EU. Despite relatively high recovery rates of used materials, Europe’s construction sector will need to be even more ambitious in its waste management practices if it is to fully embrace Europe’s circular economy. According to a European Environment Agency (EEA) briefing published today, circular approaches are key to increasing the quality and quantity of recycling and reuse of construction and demolition materials.

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The EEA’s European environment — state and outlook 2020 report plays a key role in supporting Europe’s renewed drive to sustainability

Earlier this month the European Environment Agency published its ‘European environment — state and outlook 2020 (SOER 2020)’ report. It concluded that Europe will not achieve its 2030 goals without urgent action during the next 10 years to address the alarming rate of biodiversity loss, increasing impacts of climate change and the overconsumption of natural resources. It also offered some key solutions, which would help put Europe back on course to meet those targets. We sat down with Tobias Lung, the EEA’s SOER coordination and assessment expert, to discuss the role of SOER 2020.

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Demanding environmental policy is associated with greater competitiveness and more eco-innovation in EEA member countries

The figure includes all EEA member countries for which data are available on stringency of environmental policy. Countries are positioned according to their ranking in the WEF global competiveness index 2015 (x-axis) and the OECD stringency of environmental policy index (y-axis). The position of countries in the EU eco-innovation ranking are indicated using colours.

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Time to act for climate, nature and people

The year 2019 will be remembered as a turning point for climate and environment action in Europe. Millions of Europeans and others worldwide have been demonstrating and urging policy makers to take action. Evidence-based scientific assessments, including the European Environment Agency’s state of environment report (SOER 2020), stressed the magnitude of the challenges ahead and the urgent need to act. These calls are now turning into a policy roadmap. The European Green Deal presented by the European Commission is a promising start for the critical decade ahead.

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Overview of non-binding objectives and binding targets of EU 30 environmental policy 2015-2050

The figure shows non-binding environmental objectives and binding environmental targets for the EU-28 as a whole in the period 2015-2050. Each objective/target is shown for the year of its implementation deadline.

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Total number of policies and measures with ex post savings reported in the EU-28 (left) and by country (right)

Total number of policies and measures with ex post reported by countries in 2015, 2017, 2019

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Total number of policies and measures with ex ante savings reported in the EU-28 (left) and by country (right)

Total number of policies and measures with ex ante reported by countries in 2015, 2017, 2019

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