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News Published 30 Apr 2008 Last modified 27 Feb 2023
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The countdown to the Sixth 'Environment for Europe' Ministerial Conference has started. The conference, taking place from 10–12 October 2007 in Belgrade, Serbia, is organised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The launch of the EEA report 'Europe's environment — The fourth assessment' will be a key event on the first day. The report assesses environmental progress in 53 countries — an area with a total population of more than 870 million people.

'The fourth assessment' is the latest in a series of assessments of the pan-European environment published by the EEA over the past 15 years. The area covers: Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA), South Eastern Europe (SEE), as well as Western and Central Europe (WCE).

The EEA report is the result of a unique cooperation in sharing information, in which 53 countries, various international organisations and a broad range of stakeholders participated. Watch our videos to learn more about the people behind the report and their experiences in the several years it took to produce.

The EEA's fourth assessment report will be launched together with two complementary reports:

Jointly the reports give an in-depth view on the pan-European environment, its policies, and progress made over the past four years.

Read the conference programme and view the calendar of the launch and other EEA events at the conference.



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