About the land use data centre

Page Last modified 03 Jun 2016
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The environmental data centre for land use provides data to understand the relationship between land use and environmental impacts. Information is provided at different scales combining European coverage with global and in situ survey data.

The core of data centre activities is related to dissemination of operational services in connection with key land cover/land use datasets, relevant indicators and derived products based on spatial analysis and change detection.

Land Use Data Centre (LUDC) offers the latest versions of Corine Land Cover (CLC) inventories for 1990, 2000 and 2006 in different data formats. Also, many derived products and user applications based on this data source are provided. Together with thematic High Resolution Layers (HRLs) (such as soil sealing) CLC is forming the core for land monitoring service of the European Copernicus programme, previously known as Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES). Integration of land use statistical data is achieved through link to multi-purpose in situ data of LUCAS survey, hosted by the Eurostat. Several analytical products based on land cover / land use data are also provided, including the new edition of Land take indicator, part of EEA' s Core set of indicators.


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