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National policies and measures on climate change mitigation in Europe

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Published 07 Dec 2018
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How many policies and measures (PaMs) did the European Member States implement or plan to implement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? What type of policies, affecting which sectors have been primarily reported? Were the European Union policies driving the development of national policies? The European Environment Agency's viewer explores PaMs reported by Member States under the EU Monitoring Mechanism Regulation.

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Member States report main characteristics of the PaMs, such as a description, objective, type, status, sectors, related EU policies etc. Where available, Member States report quantitative information on the GHG emission savings of the PaMs, both ex ante (future looking) and ex post (retrospectively), as well as the projected and realised costs and benefits. Reported information is checked by the European Environment Agency and its European Topic Centre on Climate Mitigation and Energy. Three sheets: 'Overview','Reported expected effects' and 'Reported achieved effects' allow users to understand more about the national climate change mitigation PaMs.


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