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Two of the main challenges underlying the current CAP reform are 'greening' the agriculture sector (reducing environmental impacts) and viable food production with a view to ensure food security. To address these challenges, the European Environment Agency invited a panel of external experts to reflect on these challenges and to explore long-term intervention strategies in the context of the EEA’s ‘Green CAP project’.

The panel discussions were organised as a participatory workshop, facilitated by Prospex and with content support and reporting contributions by the Stockholm Environment Institute. The expert panel outcomes are summarised in a highlights report.

Apart from the expert panel outcomes, the project has built on analyses by EEA and JRC (in particular the FATE project , SOER 2010 and HNV  farmland analyses, a discussion paper for the EEA Management Board, and a background study by the Stockholm Environment Institute.

  • Invited experts: Ariel Brunner (Birdlife international, Belgium), Henriette Christensen (Pesticide Action Network Europe, Denmark), Claire Collyer (Country Land and Business Association. United Kingdom), Sanne van den Dungen (Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency, Germany), Koen Overmars (PBL, The Netherlands), Nat Page (Fundatia Adept, Romania), Laszlo Podmanizcky (Svent Istvan University, Hungary), Andrea Povellato (National Institute of Agricultural Economics, Italy), Jaroslav Pražan (Research Institute of Agricultural Economics, Czech Republic), Tanja Runge (COPA-COGECA, Germany), Peter Smeets (WUR, The Netherlands), Vyara Stefanova (ENFCP, Bulgaria), Jean‑Michel Terres (JRC, Italy), Mark Thomasin-Foster (European Landowners Organisation, United Kingdom)
  • Facilitators: Marc Gramberger and Martin Watson (Prospex, Belgium)
  • Content support and reporting: Marcus Carson, Neil Powell and Kim Andersson (SEI, Sweden), Tommaso Chiamparino (Prospex, Belgium)

CAP reform: challenges and solutions

The videos below consist of short interviews recorded during the workshop with some panelists where they present their own personal views. These views cannot be attributed to the EEA or to the expert panel as a collective.


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