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EEA work in this area focuses on the development of agri-environment indicators, thematic work on water pollution or biodiversity and the analysis of agriculture policy.

Agri-environment indicators: The IRENA operation was completed in 2005 and developed a set of agri-environment indicators for the EU together with the European Commission. The main outputs are the IRENA indicator report that describes the link between agriculture and environment in the EU-15 and the IRENA assessment report that evaluates the integration of environmental objectives into the CAP.

Ecosystem services and the production of food and energy on farmland: Within the context of the EURECA project the EEA will analyse the influence of agriculture for maintaining our natural resources and the services they provide, e.g. clean drinking water or beautiful landscapes. EEA work on identifying high nature value farmland in Europe, carried out with the EU Joint Research Centre will be useful in that context.

Reviewing potential environmental impacts from bioenergy production. In 2008 the EEA has estimated the environmentally compatible bioenergy potential from agriculture. Further work was done on bioenergy impacts on water and the possible effects of new energy crops such as short rotation coppice and energy grasses. This work is continuing, including a review of indirect land use effects.

EEA is also working with partners such as Eurostat to develop better data on nutrient balances in agriculture and the effects of different factors on nutrient leaching risk. In addition there are projects on climate change impacts, building water accounts, agricultural policy analysis etc.


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