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SOER 2010 Common environmental theme (Deprecated)
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SOER Common environmental theme from Liechtenstein
Published: 26 Nov 2010 Modified: 11 May 2020


e) Which responses (R) have been put in place or are planned at national level for the theme in question? 

In the Water Protection Act (GSchG) and the ordinance adopted under it, Liechtenstein has a firm legal basis for water protection. In the case of groundwater there is a raft of regulations to maintain or, if necessary, improve its quality and quantity. These include spatial planning measures such as creating designated groundwater protection zones and regulations governing protection and use.

The Water Protection Ordinance defines both the ecological targets and the water quality requirements for surface and subterranean waters. If pollution occurs, the responsible authority must order the necessary measures.

Liechtenstein is always interested in measures regarding little structured river morphology to guarantee the exchange between groundwater and surface waters. This is an important contribution to drinking water availability. In addition, this provides attractive recreational spaces for people.






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