Comparing Environmental Impact Data on Cleaner Technologies

Environmental Issues Series

December 1997. Prepared by: Karen Leffland (COWI), Henrik Kærsgaard (COWI), Ingvar Andersson, Project Manager (European Environment Agency)

Table of Contents


Author's preface

1. Executive Summary

2. Background and Prerequisites for the Development of a CEIDOCT Concept

2.1 Important Prerequisites for the CEIDOCT Concept

2.2 HOW DOES CEIDOCT COMPARE WITH EPIs AND LCA three elements of the same issue

2.3 The CEIDOCT/EPI Concept the four focus areas

2.4 Potential Use of a CEIDOCT/EPI Concept

3. The Current Status of Concepts Relevant for Cleaner Technology Assessment at European Level

3.1 International initiatives

3.2 National initiatives

3.3 Industry initiatives

3.4 Tools for lifecycle assessments

3.5 Cleaner Technology initiatives

4. Identification of Environmental Performance Indicators to be Used for Comparison of Cleaner Technologies

4.1 Overview of the four Focus Areas

4.2 Mineral resources

4.3 Energy Consumption

4.4 Chemicals

4.5 Biological resources

5. Concept for Development and Use of EPIs within Specific Trades

5.1 Preparatory assessments

5.2 Project organisation

5.3 Reference technologies, process and product dimensions

5.4 Use of EPIs on various levels

5.5 Use of EPIs and TSIs in Cleaner Technology Development

6. Testing the Concepts - Examples from the Paper, Textile and Surface Treatment Industry

6.1 Paper case: Recovery process for fluting and test-liner

6.2 Textile case: Reactive dyeing of cotton

6.3 Surface treatment case: Zinc plating of steel sheet

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