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Climate Change in the European Union

Climate Change in the European Union covers the trends, the state and the outlook of the environmental theme climate change in the European Union. It gives an overview of the environmental measures taken to date, analyses the main trends in society giving rise to pressure on the environment, analyses the climate change issue and the energy sector

This report was requested by GLOBE EU for its conference "Responding to Climate Change" (6 September 1996). It is an update of the 1995 state of the environment report "Environment in the European Union - 1995: Report for the Review of the fifth Environmental Action Programme".

Table Of Contents
1. Executive Summary

1.1. Main Conclusions

1.2. Energy

1.3. Climate Change

2. Energy

2.1. The Issue

2.2. Past Trends

2.3. Outlook

3. Climate Change

3.1. The Issue

3.2. State of the Environment

3.3. Progress and Outlook


The complete document is available in PDF format. This file is about 550 Kb in size.


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