Section 4 - Publications


Subsection 1: Books

This subsection provides reference details of books available on the subject of environmental risk assessment. The section is divided into six categories:

  • Category 1 - Books on integrated risk assessment / management / analysis and relevant general chemical.

  • Category 2 - Human health risk assessment and toxicity books.

  • Category 3 - Ecological / ecotoxicological / environmental risk assessment books.

  • Category 4 - Books on biological / food / radiation / biotechnology risks.

  • Category 5 - Books on the industrial application of risk assessment.

  • Category 6 - Books on contaminated land / waste risk assessment.

Within each category, books are listed in reverse chronological order. A full list of books on toxicity is not included as there are well over 1000. Such a list may be available in the electronic database version of this book.

Full lists of publications produced by organisations have not been included because of space restrictions. They have, however, been referred to, such as OECD monographs. Lists are available from the organisations (see section 1).

This database of publications was compiled from several sources such as library catalogues and the database Global Books in Print by Bowker (Global Books in Print Version 6.24, R. R. Bowker 1987-1994, Division of Reed Publishing Inc., USA, On-line Computer Systems Inc., 1996).

Subsection 2: Journals

This subsection consists of a list of journals regularly containing articles on risk assessment or components of the risk assessment process, publisher details are provided. There are four categories:

Publisher details were obtained from the Ulrichs database of journals (Ulrichs Plus, Version 5.81 1987-1994, R. R. Bowker, Division of Reed Publishing Inc., USA, Reed Technical and Information Services Inc., 1996).

Subsection 3: Bibliographic Databases

This subsection provides an A-Z of bibliographic databases available throughout the EU.

The contents of the databases varies, but includes books, grey literature and periodicals.


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