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30 September 2003

This document contains the amended (September 2003 Update) third edition of the Atmospheric Emission Inventory Guidebook prepared by the UNECE/EMEP Task Force on Emission Inventories and Projections.

The Guidebook is designed to provide a comprehensive guide to the state-of-the-art of atmospheric emissions inventory methodology for each of the emission-generating activities listed in the current versions of the Selected Nomenclature for Air Pollution (SNAP97) but includes cross references to both the NFR and IPPC coding formats.

Chapters which are NEW or which have been REVISED since the 2nd edition can be identified by the publication date AFTER 1st September 1999. Regularly updated details of subsequent changes to the guidebook are to be kept on the EEA website:

You are invited to use/review the document and provide comments and/or additional material either to the European Environment Agency in writing or by participating in the Task Force meetings and work of the Task Force.

You may use this Guidebook as source material for emission inventory compilation. If you do so, you should cite the source as ‘Joint EMEP/CORINAIR Atmospheric Emission Inventory Guidebook, Third Edition, September 2003 Update. Copenhagen: European Environment Agency, 2003’. However, you should use the Guidebook with caution and check emission factors against any more specific information available in your country.

Jessica Sully and Nikolas Hill
Task Force Secretariat & Editors of the Guidebook (to 2003)


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