List of CORINE Reports

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CORINE Reports

CORINE Biotopes
The design, compilation and use of an inventory of sites of major importance for nature conservation in Europe

CORINE Land Cover This report describes CORINE Land Cover project. It consists of two parts: the first describing the framework, objectives and methodology; and the second specifying the nomenclature used in the project. For each item of the nomenclature, Part II of the guide includes a satellite image, delineation of a unit on the image and an example of a document (ancilliary or additional documentation) that will help delineate and identify the unit, and a short commentary on the three illustrations.

CORINE Soil Erosion
This report describes the CORINE Project on Soil Erosion Risk and Important Land Resources in the Southern Regions of the European Community. It includes sections dealing with the framework, procedures, methodolgy and results of the project. It goes on to describe the applications of the results of the project, the lessons learnt and to discuss the needs for future development and research.


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