appendix a. list of databases

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Table A.1 Organisations and persons consulted and contact organisation and contact person for each monitoring programme.

Monit. Programme Contact Organisation Contact Person Q Reply
AMAP     X -
AMHY CEMAGREF (France) Ms. Alexandra Manea X Q
BMP. Finnish Environment Institute (FEI) Ms. L Tuominen-Roto X Q
Bucharest/85 Institut für Wassergüte des Bundesamtes für Wasserwirtschaft (Austria) Dipl. Ing. Peter Kreitner X Q
CORINE/WATER EEA (Denmark) Mr. Niels Thyssen X -
EC Bathing Water EC /DGXI (Belgium) Mr. I. Papadopoulos X D
EC Freshwater Fish EC /DGXI (Belgium) Mr. Jonathan Moore X -
EC Shellfish Waters EC /DGXI (Belgium) Mr. Jonathan Moore X -
EEA -TF (Dobris) NERI (Denmark) Mr. Peter Kristensen X -
Elbe/89 Wassergütestelle Elbe (Germany) Herr Dr. Stachel X D
EU Exchange EC /DGXI (Belgium) Mrs. Adeline Kroll X A
FRIEND IH Wallingford (UK) Mr. Gwyn Rees X Q
GEMS/WATER NWRI/CCIW (Canada) Mr. Bob Duffield I I
GRDC/WMO GRDC/Federal Institute of Hydrology (Germany) Dr. Wolfgang Grabs X M
HYDABA/ICPR Federal Institute of Hydrology (Germany) Mr. Dr. Keller X D
ICP-IM Finnish Environment Institute (FEI) Ms. Sirpa Kleemola I G
ICES Environmental data bank ICES (DK) Mr Jan René Larsen X I
JMP OSPARCOM (UK) Mr. B van de Wetering X D
Lakes/EUROSTAT EUROSTAT (Luxembourg) Mr. Theo van Cruchten A A
LRTAP/ICP-Waters NIVA (Norway) Ms. Merete Johannessen X Q
MMP OSPARCOM (UK) Mr. B van de Wetering X D
MED-POL UNEP (Greece) Mr. A. Aksel X M
PARCOM/Hg OSPARCOM (UK) Mr. B van de Wetering X D
PARCOM/Radioactive OSPARCOM (UK) Mr. B van de Wetering X D
PARCOM/Refineries OSPARCOM(UK) Mr. B van de Wetering X D
PARCOM/TiO2 OSPARCOM (UK) Mr. B van de Wetering X D
PLCs/HELCOM HELCOM (Finland) Ms Eeva-Liisa Poutanen L G
Regensburg/87 Bundesministerium für Land und Forstwirtschaft.(Austria) Dr Monika Eder-Paier X Q
Rivers/EUROSTAT EUROSTAT (Luxembourg) Mr. Theo van Cruchten X A
SIREN-IW/OECD OECD Environment Committee (France)   A A
JAMP/OSPAR94 OSPARCOM (UK) Mr. B van de Wetering X G

Key to the "Q" (Questionnaire forwarded to) and "Reply" column:
X: Questionnaire forwarded to the "Organ_consulted".
-: No response to the questionnaire forwarded to collate (and complete as necessary) the data. Information collected in the database is not complete.

Q: Filled questionnaire received.
D: Data compilations in reports
G: Guidelines in reports
L: Letter
I: Internet
M: Data on magnetic supports
A: Data available in the ETC/IW office.

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