The process outlined above has been designed both to provide faster data collection and to meet the user needs more closely. It builds on existing systems while aiming for the development of a single European inventory system. The collection of national level emissions data will be made a specific task.

To meet the need for faster national total emission data existing data collection exercises in individual countries will be utilised.

The main features that will speed up the collection of spatial data are:-

  • The provision of close support from the Air Emissions Topic Centre on a one-to-one basis.
  • The data collection will build on the existing emission inventory data collection systems in each country. The collection of data will proceed in stages with the essential data being collected first.
  • The distribution of pre-filled databases based on CORINAIR 90 (these could also provide default datasets where a country is unable to provide their own estimates).
  • The experience of CORINAIR 90 will mean that there is a wider pool of knowledge in each country on which to draw.
  • Air Emissions '94 will use an updated version of the CORINAIR 90 software which will be compatible with the EMEP/CORINAIR guidebook . This will enable an early start to be made on the data collection, and will have the added advantage of displaying changes between 1990 and 94.
  • In the longer term, CORINAIR 90 needs to be developed together with specific tools to assist in the collection, verification and validation of the data.
  • The EEA and its network of National Focal Points will give a stronger framework for this work. It should give a greater commitment to the tasks from the member countries and should assist in the timely collection of data.

This study has considered many issues and proposed solutions to the majority. However there are some important issues where further discussion and guidance from the EEA are required. These include:

  • Confirmation that CO2 sources and sinks should be treated in line with IPCC guidelines.
  • A system to deal with confidential data.
  • Confirmation of the Topic Centre’s role with regard to urban inventories.

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