Annex 4:

SNM Activities on Access to Environmental Information

Since 1992, Stichting Natuur en Milieu (SNM) has been directing a series of activities on access to environmental information and, in particular, on the implementation and application of the Directive 90/313/ EEC.

These activities include the establishment and co-ordination of the work of a network of experts in all 15 EU member states (as well as 8 non-member states). These experts have been tracking developments in their countries and reporting regularly to SNM.

SNM has also directed the preparation by its experts group of a series of User's

Guides to the Directive and national implementing legislation. A Guide to the Directive has been issued as well as Guides for each of the 15 member states in the language(s) of the member state concerned.

SNM has organised a series of annual workshops on implementation of the Directive, beginning in 1993.

SNM has also recently published a book on Access to Environmental Information in Europe which analyses the legislation and practice in 23 European countries, the EU institutions and international developments.



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