8. Proposed Work Programme Items for 1996

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8.1 From the 1995 Subvention (ecu)

Workshop for Project MW3 50,000
Completion of Projects MW2 and MW3 50,000
Reservoirs and Issues in Arid Countries (Projects MW4 and MW5 Brought Forward) 100,000
Piloting Project MW4 25,000
Human Interventions in the Hydrological Cycle (Project MW5) 25,000
Ad Hoc Support to the Agency 50,000
Support to EU Reporting Directive 100,000
Data and information Collection and Dissemination Using EIONET 50,000
Increasing the Efficiency of Water Use 75,000
TOTAL 525,000


8.2 From the 1996 Subvention (ecu)

MW4: To Implement Progressively the Water Monitoring Network and Databases Developed During 1995 300,000
MW5: To Evaluate Water Resources Across Europe in Terms of Quantity, Availability and Sustainability 200,000
SW1: Development of Guidelines for Inventories of Emissions to Water 100,000
TOTAL 600,000

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